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Here you can find the most frequented layouts of construction, office, sanitary or residential containers and examples of their formations.

Examples of 20 ft long containers

2438 x 6058 mm, No.02438 x 6058 mm, No.12438 x 6058 mm, No.22438 x 6058 mm, No.32438 x 6058 mm, No.42438 x 6058 mm, No.52438 x 6058 mm, No.62438 x 6058 mm, No.72438 x 6058 mm, No.82438 x 6058 mm, No.92438 x 6058 mm, No.102438 x 6058 mm, No.112438 x 6058 mm, No.122438 x 6058 mm, No.132438 x 6058 mm, No.142438 x 6058 mm, No.152438 x 6058 mm, No.162438 x 6058 mm, No.172438 x 6058 mm, No.18

Examples of 15 ft long containers

2438 x 4500 mm, No.0

Examples of 10 ft long containers

2438 x 3000 mm, No.02438 x 3000 mm, No.12438 x 3000 mm, No.22438 x 3000 mm, No.3

Examples of 30 ft long containers

2438 x 9000 mm, No.02438 x 9000 mm, No.1

Examples of possible container formations

container formation, No.0container formation, No.1container formation, No.2container formation, No.3container formation, No.4container formation, No.5container formation, No.6container formation, No.7container formation, No.8
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